Other Ways to Support Us

Charitable Status

The centre is run by a charitable trust, registered by the New Zealand Charities Commission. The registration number is CC25972. It has donee organisation status, which means donations over $5 are tax-deductible

There are now significant tax benefits from making donations to organisations with donee status.

Payroll giving

Another option for people in paid employment is payroll giving, which is a voluntary scheme that allows people to make a regular donation from their pay.

The scheme is administered through Inland Revenue’s PAYE tax system. Employers must sign up for the scheme in order to make it available to their staff.  Then, if they wish, staff members can make donations directly from their pay to the donee organisations of their choice.

People who donate through payroll giving receive tax credits relating to the donations they make each payday. This means they no longer have to wait to claim tax credits at the end of the tax year. However, they can still claim for any donations they make outside the new payroll scheme.

Further information is available from the Charities Commission web site


Making a bequest means leaving property or money in your will. A bequest, or legacy, is a powerful and long-lasting gift to a charity because it helps the organisation to secure its future. 

A bequest is a unique gift, which reflects your own interests and vision. Giving by bequest costs very little now, yet it gives a great deal of satisfaction to know that it will live on. Bequests are often the most cost-effective form of funding given to a charitable organisation, because they can mean reduced reliance on other fundraising methods.

Making a Will is usually quite simple and inexpensive. It must be in writing and signed before two people who must sign as witnesses. You can make a Will yourself but it's safer to have a professional prepare your Will with you and it is a good idea to get legal advice before writing a new will or updating your existing one. Solicitors usually prepare Wills for a standard set fee.

For information about bequests:



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