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Always My Sister

11 June 2014 - 7 pm

This is the story of my sister, Maggie Reardon, who broke my heart - as sisters sometimes do....

Devonport, 1847: A true story of murder, dashed hopes, and the testing of sisterly bonds. Set against the backdrop of the rough and tumble of early Auckland, and created by Michelanne Forster, one of our leading tellers of historical tales, this is a story that shows there's nothing new under the sun when it comes to human nature. 

Starring Chris Tempest (Dr. Josh Gallagher -Shortland Street, The Outfit Theatre Company), Jess Sayer (Mo and Jess Kill Susie, Just Above The Clouds, Wings, Elevator) and Torum Heng (Tiana - Go Girls). 

Directed by Michelanne Forster, with assistance from Sandra Rasmussen and Don McGlashan.

Michelanne Forster wrote Always My Sister while she held a six-month residency at the Michael King Writers’ Centre in Devonport.  She became fascinated with a dark slice of local history: the brutal murder of a naval officer, his wife and daughter in their Devonport home in 1847. It wasn’t just the murder that fascinated her. She wanted to explore why Maggie came to be involved with the murderer and why she lied in an attempt to save him from hanging. She was convicted of perjury and became the only New Zealand woman sentenced to transportation to Tasmania. The murderer, her "common law" husband, became the first Pakeha to be hanged in New Zealand, just metres from where he committed the killings on the Devonport waterfront. Before he was hanged, he was paraded down Queen Street and rowed across the harbour, sitting on his coffin. The story provides a fascinating insight into life in early Auckland and the eternal ties that bind people to each other. 

The Basement, Lower Greys Avenue, Auckland

June 11 to 21, 7 pm

Tickets $25 (concession $20)

SPECIAL GROUP PRICE: $20 each for groups of six or more.

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