News 2016

Young Writers Programme Update

09 November 2016

The Young Writers Programme is currently collating the submissions for Signals 2016, the fifth edition of its literary journal. The purpose of the journal is to showcase the work of the young writers who have enjoyed creative events with the Programme’s tutors (Ros Ali & Jo Emeny)  and guest authors since 2008 to the present.   Young writers who have attended these events are invited to submit as many samples of prose, poetry, creative non-fiction, comics, lyrics or monologues as they wish. Alumni of the Programme are also welcome to submit, as well as those who have participated in Council-sponsored courses that Ros and Jo have run over the years. Signals will be launched in early December and will be available for sale from then for $10 per copy from the Centre. Contact   .

There are prizes of $200 for the best two pieces submitted to Signals.

The Chris Cole Catley Writing Awards honour the Programme’s founder, Dame Christine Cole Catley DNZM QSM. Chris began writing while still at school, freelancing for the Taranaki Daily News. When television came to New Zealand, she was the country's first TV reviewer, writing for The Dominion under the androgynous pseudonym Sam Cree. In 1967, she became tutor-in-charge of New Zealand's first polytechnic school of journalism, and she insisted that half of the students accepted into the school must be female. She went on to do many things in the literary world, not least write the book Bright Star about New Zealand astronomer Beatrice Tinsley, and found the publishing company Cape Catley. 


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