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A Message From Paolo Rotondo

17 November 2016

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Kia ora friends,

I thought you may be interested in my latest creative project.


I have spent the last four years researching stories from our early settler history to write a Play. 

Last year I was lucky enough to win a Writer’s research award from the Auckland Museum to allow me to really dig into the past.  

I got to rifle through some amazing hand written texts that are not on display in the dusty archives.


The piece I’ve written is called. ‘Kororareka. The ballad of Maggie Flynn’. It is written from an Irish perspective (because that’s my New Zealand whakaapa). 


Kororareka was known around the world as ’The hell hole of the pacific’ and it was New Zealand’s first ever Capital. The name was changed to Russell (bit boring) to hide its sordid past. This history is incredibly rich and more violent, saucy, dirty and funnier than I ever imagined.


Check out the link to Red Leap Theatre Company’s workshops of my script.

Please Check it out, support and come along





Below is a link to a Boosted campaign.


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