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Tax benefits for donors

The Michael King Writers Centre has been granted donee organisation status by the Inland Revenue Department, which means that donations by individuals or companies will be eligible for a tax deduction or rebate.

The New Zealand Government recently increased the amount of tax that can be deducted for making donations to charitable organisations. The changes, which came into effect in the 2008-09 year, are aimed at facilitating greater giving to charities and other non-profit organisations and encouraging a culture of generosity in New Zealand.

Tax incentives for donations of money made by individuals, companies and Maori authorities have been greatly enhanced. For 2008-09 and future years, the tax credit for individuals is the lesser of:

  • One-third of the donations made, or
  • One-third of the donor's taxable income.

A company is able to claim a deduction for all charitable or other public benefit gifts it makes to a society, institution, association, organisation, trust or fund, limited to the amount that would be the company's net income before taking into account the donation deduction.

Check with an accountant or with the Inland Revenue Department for detailed information about the tax credits available for donations.

For further information about donations and effective giving, visit:

IRD: Donations Tax Credits

Charities commission: Making Donations Tax effective giving IRD guide