Writers Workshops

The Michael King Writers' Centre has several workshop programmes. 

Annual Writers Weekend - mid-career and established writers

The major programme is the annual writers weekend designed for mid-career authors.


Michael King Young Writers Programme

The Young Writers Programme is designed for senior secondary school students who are interested in creative writing and who have a talent. Nominations are made through secondary schools. Students have the opportunity to attend one-day workshops on aspects of writing or master classes with leading writers.

The Poetry Project

The Poetry Project is a programme for younger students, particularly primary and intermediate schools but also some secondary classes, which provides an introduction to creative writing. In this programme, poets work with classes or a group of students in the school environment. Students are encouraged to write about a specific theme, such as Matariki or Our Place, and to share the work with others. 

Workshops on writing memor

From time to time we offer workshops or master classes on topics such as memoir, led by author Deborah Shepard. 


Taking a breakat the 2010 residential workshop at Vaughan Park

Poet Michele Leggott at A Million Poems for Matariki workshop

Students and tutors at a BBQ after the 2010 young writers workshop