Supported Residencies

Residency programme 2017

The writers who have been selected for the 2017 residencies are:

  • Frankie McMillan - The University of Auckland Residency, six months from January 2017 ($30,000 stipend/salary).
  • Whiti Hereaka - Māori Writer’s Residency, eight weeks starting in June 2017 (stipend $8,000)
  • Anthony Byrt - Spring Residency, eight weeks starting in August 2017(stipend $8,000).
  • Anna Jackson - Early Summer Residency, eight weeks starting in October 2017 (stipend $8,000).

 Applications for the 2018 residencies will open in September/October 2017 and should be announced by December this year.

About our residency programme

The supported residency opportunities are available for New Zealand writers for their nominated project. Writers who are selected for the residencies receive free accommodation at the Michael King Writers’ Centre in Devonport, use of the writer’s studio at the centre and receive a stipend.

The residencies are available thanks to support from Creative New Zealand and the University of Auckland. 

Projects can be fiction, drama, creative writing or in non-fiction. Applicants must be born in New Zealand, hold New Zealand citizenship or be permanent residents. Writers who live in Auckland are welcome to apply and have the option to stay part-time. Writers who are employed by universities are not eligible to apply for a project that is part of their academic work. 

Forty New Zealand authors have held residencies at the centre since 2005 and our first international residency took place in 2013. 

The centre has a second room available to visiting writers on a paying basis. 


The Signalman's House

Resident writer's bedroom

The resident writer's studio (otherwise known as the shed)