About our Residency Programme

About Our Residency Programme

We currently offer around 20 supported residencies each year, each residency is for two to three weeks duration.

The supported residency opportunities are available to New Zealand writers for their nominated project. Writers who are selected for a residency receive free accommodation at the Michael King Writers Centre in Devonport, use of the writer’s studio at the centre and receive a stipend. Stipends ranging from $1,400 to $3,000 are paid for each residency.

The house is located on the road to the summit of Takarunga Mt Victoria. It is surrounded by a reserve, but is just a short walk to the Devonport village and ferry to the city. There is off-street parking available.  The house has access and facilities for people with disabilities. Applicants with disabilities should discuss their needs with the manager when applying.

The residencies are available thanks to support from Creative New Zealand.

Projects can be fiction, drama, creative writing or in non-fiction. Applicants must be born in New Zealand, hold New Zealand citizenship or be permanent residents. Writers who live in Auckland are welcome to apply but would still be required to stay at the centre for most of their residency if awarded one. Writers who are employed by universities are not eligible to apply for a project that is part of their academic work.

Applications for residency opportunities usually open in September each year and are made available through the website. Click HERE to be added to our database to receive news and information about the centre and our residency programme.

Over one hundred and thirty New Zealand authors have held residencies at the centre since 2005 and our first international residency took place in 2013.

The centre has a second room available to visiting writers on a paying basis.

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