2010 VW

Joan Rosier-Jones (2010)

Joan Rosier-Jones (2010) 150 150 Michael King Writers Centre

Joan Rosier-Jones was born in Christchurchand has lived in London, Wellington and Auckland, and now lives in Wanganui. She started her working life as a…

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Helen Sword (2010)

Helen Sword (2010) 238 238 Michael King Writers Centre

Devonport resident Helen Sword is a scholar, teacher, artist and poet who has published widely on modernist literature, higher education pedagogy, digital poetics, and academic writing. Born…

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Andie Palmer (2010)

Andie Palmer (2010) 200 200 Michael King Writers Centre

Andie Palmer is a linguistic and legal anthropologist conducting research on comparative legal systems and cross-cultural miscommunication. She is in Aotearoa New Zealand to observe…

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