Sun Wei – MKWC 2019

Sun Wei – MKWC 2019 1751 1751 Michael King Writers Centre

Shanghai born and bred, Sun Wei is a former journalist, documentary filmmaker, and corporate general manager. She has published 23 books including novels, a novella…

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Frances Edmond – Shanghai 2018

Frances Edmond – Shanghai 2018 1134 1134 Michael King Writers Centre

Frances was the third writer to go to Shanghai as part of our international exchange and had this to say about her experience: We were…

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Jian Ling – MKWC 2017

Jian Ling – MKWC 2017 419 419 Michael King Writers Centre

Yin Jian Ling held a two-month residency. Yin is a poet, essayist, novelist, literary critic, illustrator and translator.

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Xiao Bai – MKWC 2015

Xiao Bai – MKWC 2015 760 760 Michael King Writers Centre

Xiao Bai who held the 2015 Rewi Alley Fellowship at the Michael King Writers’ Centre.        

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Heidi North – Shanghai 2016

Heidi North – Shanghai 2016 680 680 Michael King Writers Centre

In 2016 Heidi North was the recipient of the exchange. Heidi said at the time: ‘I’m having a marvellous, stimulating and productive time. The Shanghai…

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Alison Wong – Shanghai 2014

Alison Wong – Shanghai 2014 200 200 Michael King Writers Centre

Alison Wong who took part in the 2014 Shanghai Writing Program in Shanghai. Alison says of her residency:    ‘The Shanghai International Writing Programme was invaluable…

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Huo Yan – MKWC 2013

Huo Yan – MKWC 2013 239 239 Michael King Writers Centre

Huo Yan, from Beijing, who held the Rewi Alley Fellowship at the Michael King Writers Centre in 2013.

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