Majella Cullinane: 2021

Majella Cullinane: 2021 1920 1920 Michael King Writers Centre

We have welcomed Majella as the recipient of the 2021 NZSA Auckland Museum Research Grant which includes four weeks of residency time at MKWC. Majella…

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Chris Maclean: 2021

Chris Maclean: 2021 960 960 Michael King Writers Centre

Chris is a Waikanae based writer and publisher with a keen interest in the outdoors. An early career as a stained-glass artist led to his…

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Suzette Jackson: 2021

Suzette Jackson: 2021 408 408 Michael King Writers Centre

Suzette recently completed her MSW thesis titled: Career Pathways of Social Workers with Criminal Convictions: Gifted Healers and Misunderstood Misfits. She used her week at…

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Cassandra Tse: 2020

Cassandra Tse: 2020 1365 1367 Michael King Writers Centre

Cassandra is a playwright, director and performer, as well as the Artistic Director of Red Scare Theatre Company. Her previous writing for theatre includes The…

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Christopher Keene: 2020

Christopher Keene: 2020 2098 2099 Michael King Writers Centre

CHRIS is a LitRPG, Fantasy and Sci-fi writer. He is published in New Zealand and in America under Future House Publishing and is known for…

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Sue Wootton: 2019

Sue Wootton: 2019 1350 1433 Michael King Writers Centre

Sue Wootton is an editor, novelist and poet. She was the 2008 Robert Burns Fellow, held the 2018/19 Beatson Fellowship, and is the 2020 Katherine…

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Valerie Monk: 2019

Valerie Monk: 2019 1105 1143 Michael King Writers Centre

Valerie (Ringer) Monk is a researcher and writer with a background in journalism and public relations.  She specialises in New Zealand commercial ceramics.  Valerie has…

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Sarah Ell: 2019

Sarah Ell: 2019 1809 1945 Michael King Writers Centre

Sarah Ell was born and raised on Auckland’s North Shore. She trained as a newspaper journalist before working in magazine and book publishing, and has…

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Lucie Rivet: 2019

Lucie Rivet: 2019 540 540 Michael King Writers Centre

Lucie is a French writer who lives in Governors Bay with her partner Aaron. She used to write speeches for French political women (a minister…

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Ber Kotlerman: 2019

Ber Kotlerman: 2019 854 853 Michael King Writers Centre

Currently a professor of literature and Jewish culture at Bar Ilan University, Israel, Ber Kotlerman  belongs to the new generation of authors involved in revival…

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