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Jenny Howarth (2018)
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Jenny Howarth (2018)
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Jenny Haworth is well-known as both publisher and writer. She is a regular visitor to the centre and  in 2014  was awarded the NZ Society of Authors Museum Fellowship  for her work on artists during World War I. She has since returned regularly  to research and work on other projects.

Based in Christchurch, Haworth has been as a travel writer, freelance journalist, non-fiction writer and novelist. She has written for many New Zealand and international magazines and newspapers, and has received commissions from numerous international publishers. She has a life-long love of history and the arts and has an MA in history.

Her special interests are books connected with the past. Her three novels are all historical and she has written various non-fiction works including New Zealand Past and Present and the Art of War: New Zealand War artists in the Field 1939-45. She is also writes about the  New Zealand fishing industry. A recent work is Swimming Upstream, on the development of salmon farming in New Zealand. Her latest novel is called  The Undone Years.

Her publishing company, Wily Publications,  publishes emerging New Zealand writers and  heritage non-fiction, particularly on the arts.  She has written a history of New Zealand’s road transport industry and another on the Canterbury Club. Her fourth novel No Victors is about New Zealand troops in Italy in World War II.


The Art of War: New Zealand war artists in the field 1939-1945

Hobsons’ Chance

Hooked: the Story of the New Zealand fishing industry

Lost Souls

Swimming Upstream: How Salmon Farming Developed in New Zealand

Tides of Change: The Story of the New Zealand Federation of Commercial Fishermen

The Undone Years

The Road’s the Mode: The Story of New Zealand’s Road Transport Industry