Lucie Rivet: 2019

Lucie Rivet: 2019

Lucie Rivet: 2019 540 540 Michael King Writers Centre

Lucie is a French writer who lives in Governors Bay with her partner Aaron. She used to write speeches for French political women (a minister and an ambassador) but stopped after her first trip to New Zealand in 2012, where she met Aaron and his mother, the American writer Leslie Kenton, who encouraged her to try and find her own voice.

She’s been trying since, and has had three books published in the last two years. She is now creating the curriculum for an alternative school in French and English literature’s. She also sometimes writes for art web-zines.

Lucie enjoyed staying twice throughout the year, for two weeks each time to complete a novel she has been writing with her sister, who is a mother of two, translator of novels, and teacher of French and creative writing in the South of France, near Grasse.

Part of the story of this novel takes place in the Hauraki Gulf islands, some of which can be seen from the deck of Signalman’s House.