Suzanne Singleton (2012)

Suzanne Singleton (2012)

Suzanne Singleton (2012) 242 242 Michael King Writers Centre

After a lifetime writing academic essays and reports, Suzanne Singleton now writes fiction. She has observed a variety of people and places throughout many years as a psychologist and educator. Her work in New Zealand and England has provided wide travelling experiences. Not surprisingly Suzanne is interested in relationships and how circumstances in life impact, subtly and sometimes bizarrely, on our social interactions with others.

In March 2012 she published her first book – The Promise a novella and collection of short stories, with Oceanbooks, a recently formed Bay of Plenty-based co-operative publishing company.

In September 2012 she stayed at the Michael King Centre and reported her delight and thanks to Karren and Tania saying, ‘It was a productive writing time, and a peaceful place to stay where I could maintain focus, without interruption. In just one week I managed to finish off my novel which seemed to have been stuck in the same place for too long. Being a new fiction writer, writing in such a serene environment taught me just how effective silence and space can be to achieve inspiration and I more than doubled my word output in the time I was there.” She urges others to take up the opportunity the Centre offers writers.

Her first novel The Koneke is now underway for publication early next year.

Suzanne invites you to visit Ocean Books