Deborah Heath (2011)

Deborah Heath (2011)

Deborah Heath (2011) 250 250 Michael King Writers Centre

Deborah is from Brighton,England.  She completed her MA at Sussex University, where she now works.  Deborah fell in love with New Zealand when she came to visit friends and extended her stay to three months so that she could travel from the South Island to the North.  She spent her final week in New Zealand at the Michael King Writers’ Centre, where she finished writing her first novel for young adults, Beautiful Like You.  The book is set in the Caribbean, which she visits as often as possible during the cold British winter months, though now she has discovered the magic of New Zealand that could change.

Deborah is currently working on her second novel.

“My week at MKWC was one of the highlights of my trip.  I felt very privileged to be able to stay at this beautiful house and from day one I was  ‘in the zone,’ taking quick breaks from my desk to run up the Mount or stare at the Auckland skyline from the kitchen window.

“It was wonderful to return home with a completed novel as well as some great stories from New Zealand.”