Hussein Rawlings (2016)

Hussein Rawlings (2016)

Hussein Rawlings (2016) 141 141 Michael King Writers Centre

Hussein describes himself as a late starter who began writing in 1999 by request, on accounts of experiences in the remote back country and the regions around Ruatoria.

He enjoyed the process and moved to writing fiction focussing on other settings and subjects.

He has also been a long time but non prolific writer of poetry and has performed regularly in Cardrona, the Catlins, and as guest performer at the annual Nasby Bards, Ballards, and Bulldust festival.

Some awards he has received include: KM Memoir Award 2003  for “The Old Kuia With The VC” – on Maori Battalion Website (Peter Wells Judge).

Southland and Lakes district 2010 Short story award – (Carl Nixon judge) in the book, Earth and Water 2010.

At the NZ poetry conference in Havlock North 2014  – Hussein was one of 32 out of the 156 participants to be given a 10 minute session to recite his own work.