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Wendyl Nissen (2012)

Wendyl Nissen (2012) 201 201 Michael King Writers Centre

Wendyl Nissen is an Auckland journalist who works across newspapers, magazines, television and radio. She is the author of Bitch and Famous (Penguin), a memoir of her…

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Suzanne Singleton (2012)

Suzanne Singleton (2012) 242 242 Michael King Writers Centre

After a lifetime writing academic essays and reports, Suzanne Singleton now writes fiction. She has observed a variety of people and places throughout many years…

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Maria Hansen (2012)

Maria Hansen (2012) 577 577 Michael King Writers Centre

Imagine having a room in which to write, with a heavy old door that keeps the noise out, in a building that has stood strong…

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Jill Jones (2012)

Jill Jones (2012) 250 250 Michael King Writers Centre

Jill Jones is an Australian poet who has published six full-length books of poetry including Dark Bright Doors, 2010; Broken/Open, 2005; Screens Jets Heaven: New and Selected Poems,…

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Gordon Ogilvie (2012)

Gordon Ogilvie (2012) 247 247 Michael King Writers Centre

Gordon Ogilvie (1934 – 2017) A Christchurch historian and biographer. He was a visiting writer at the Michael King Writers’ Centre in October 2012, when…

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Bianca Zander (2012)

Bianca Zander (2012) 245 245 Michael King Writers Centre

Bianca Zander’s first novel The Girl Belowcame out in the US and New Zealand in 2012 to widespread critical acclaim. It will be released in the…

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Anna Wilding (2012)

Anna Wilding (2012) 250 250 Michael King Writers Centre

Anna Wilding has carved an internationally-recognised and award-winning career as a writer, director, producer and actress. Born in Christchurch, Anna has spent half her life…

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Annette Willis (2012)

Annette Willis (2012) 250 250 Michael King Writers Centre

Annette Willis, who collaborates with Australian poet Jill Jones and who has a great interest in New Zealand writers such as Janet Frame, stayed at…

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Sue Perkins (2011)

Sue Perkins (2011) 187 187 Michael King Writers Centre

Sue Perkins has been a regular visiting writer to the MKWC since 2008. Originally from Devon, England, she emigrated with a young family and now…

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Louise Deans (2011)

Louise Deans (2011) 188 188 Michael King Writers Centre

Louise Deans was one of four Christchurch writers offered a free week at the Michael King Writers’ Centre as a respite from the Canterbury earthquakes.…

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