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John Cranna (2011)

John Cranna (2011) 180 180 Michael King Writers Centre

John Cranna is a former Chair of the Auckland Society of Authors. John has published two books of fiction, Visitors and Arena, one of non-fiction and has won…

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Jennifer Barrer (2011)

Jennifer Barrer (2011) 237 237 Michael King Writers Centre

Jennifer Barrer is a New Zealand poet who has produced five collections of poetry. Jennifer’s literary career began in her childhood and her first book…

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Deborah Heath (2011)

Deborah Heath (2011) 250 250 Michael King Writers Centre

Deborah is from Brighton,England.  She completed her MA at Sussex University, where she now works.  Deborah fell in love with New Zealand when she came to visit…

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Caren Wilton (2011)

Caren Wilton (2011) 244 244 Michael King Writers Centre

Caren Wilton is a Wellington-based writer, editor, oral historian and wannabe documentary filmmaker. The author of short-story collection The Heart Sutra (University of Otago Press, 2003), and…

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Joan Rosier-Jones (2010)

Joan Rosier-Jones (2010) 150 150 Michael King Writers Centre

Joan Rosier-Jones was born in Christchurchand has lived in London, Wellington and Auckland, and now lives in Wanganui. She started her working life as a…

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Helen Sword (2010)

Helen Sword (2010) 238 238 Michael King Writers Centre

Devonport resident Helen Sword is a scholar, teacher, artist and poet who has published widely on modernist literature, higher education pedagogy, digital poetics, and academic writing. Born…

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Andie Palmer (2010)

Andie Palmer (2010) 200 200 Michael King Writers Centre

Andie Palmer is a linguistic and legal anthropologist conducting research on comparative legal systems and cross-cultural miscommunication. She is in Aotearoa New Zealand to observe…

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Tracy Farr (2009)

Tracy Farr (2009) 150 150 Michael King Writers Centre

Tracy Farr’s novel The Life and Loves of Lena Gaunt was published by Fremantle Fress in July 2013. Tracy completed the first draft of the manuscript while…

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Paul Diamond (2009)

Paul Diamond (2009) 189 189 Michael King Writers Centre

Paul Diamond (Ngäti Hauä, Te Rarawa and Ngäpuhi) is a writer, historian and broadcaster. After working as an accountant for seven years, he switched to…

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Jill Marshall (2009)

Jill Marshall (2009) 245 245 Michael King Writers Centre

UK-born Jill Marshall is best known as the author of the Jane Blonde spy series for children published by Macmillan Publishing. Jane Blonde books are…

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